Coffee and Health: Beneficial Beans

by HealthyCoffeeBarb on October 10, 2011

Beneficial BeansFor a long time, coffee and particularly caffeine have been on the list of “don’ts” for people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. But close to 20,000 studies in the past 30 years have tried to determine caffeine’s effect on the body, and the results are promising. The stimulant is no longer the bad guy it used to be, although experts still urge moderation. With all the talk about antioxidants being good for you, it may surprise you that Americans get a whopping amount of theirs from coffee. {relatedarticles}Various studies found the following results: regular coffee drinkers reduced their risk of Parkinson’s disease by 80 percent. Two cups of coffee per day reduced cirrhosis by 80 percent, too. It reduced colon cancer by 20 percent, and seemed to protect elderly brains against Alzheimer’s disease. A July 2007 study found that when combined with regular exercise, coffee intake increased the destruction of precancerous skin cells in mice.

But the news isn’t all good – coffee acts on the brain in similar ways as methamphetamines by increasing dopamine levels, making you feel good while it increases adrenaline, which keeps your body in an alert state. Staying in this state for long periods of time can make you jumpy and irritable. {relatedarticles}While it’s possible to sleep after drinking coffee, your body may miss out on the benefits of deep sleep. Then when you wake up, you’ll need that jolt to get going. And the cycle continues…again, moderation is key in consuming any so-called “healthy” substance. Know your limits.

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Good article about plain old coffee. As a side note. the OG coffee adds a really strong even healthier element to coffee… the Ganoderma Mushroom.

I always switch to the OG Organic Green Tea in the afternoon and evening… and sleep like a baby. what a difference this has made in my life.

So, go ahead… drink your coffee… Guilt free. Always look for organic whenever you can.


I just got this incredible testimony this morning and wanted to share it with everyone. This is why I am so focused on getting this product into the market. Way too many people are having the same challenge or worse.

Here is my health story since drinking OG. Enjoy! – James M. from Houston, TX

I would like to share my journey to good health. I am 49 years old, and have struggled with sleep disruption for almost 20 years. I almost never could get to sleep until very late (usually between 3 and 4 A.M.), and then would have to nap just to make it through the day. On the rare occasion that I got to sleep at a decent hour, I awoke in the middle of the night, unable to get to sleep again. As a result of this pattern, I suffered from chronic fatigue every day. I sank deeper and deeper into depression. I had no energy, very little ability to focus on simple tasks, and was absolutely miserable. I could not tolerate antidepressants or sleep medications, so I felt absolutely stuck. Because of all of this, I was chronically underemployed, able only to work a few hours a week. Even to do that was sometimes torturous. I would occasionally resort to drinking regular coffee, but it always made me feel jittery and irritable, and then I would crash even harder after it wore off. If I drank a cup late in the day, my sleep that night would be totally wrecked.

Well, all of that has changed! Since I started drinking Organo coffee (2/20/2011), I have been sleeping through the night, getting not only enough sleep, but waking much more easily, feeling more rested and alert on less sleep (I was sleeping up to 12 hours a day before, and now am getting between 6 and 8 hours), and I have more than enough focus and energy not just to make it through the day without napping, but more than enough pep and stamina to accomplish all that I have been unable to literally even think of doing in the past!

I was a little hesitant at first about the caffeine, because I normally cannot tolerate much and it used to worsen my sleep problems. I can drink a double Black in the morning with no jitteriness or irritability, even on an empty stomach. I also can drink a cup just before bed without any sleep disruption whatsoever. My overall mood has improved tremendously. I am truly grateful that God led me to this product. It has given me a new lease on life!

4/11/11 Update – from James M.

Well, I have been on a weight-loss program for 5 weeks now, and have lost 35 lbs! I’m continuing to drink OG coffee, and have started taking ganoderma, mycelium and spore powder capsules. Whenever I hit a wall on my diet, or start to get carb cravings, I have a cup of coffee, and they go away! Since starting the supplements, I have noticed an increased ability to focus on tasks, and this season I have not been bothered by tree pollen at all. I used to get secondary respiratory infections brought on by allergies nearly every fall and spring, but have been completely symptom free this year!

I also started using OG Smile toothpaste about 3 weeks ago, and have noticed a marked improvement in my gum health.

5/21/11 Update –  From James M.

I am still feeling great! I went to my cardiologist recently, and passed my exam with flying colors! Several months ago, my blood pressure was creeping into the pre-hypertensive range (130/85). My cardiologist took a reading on May 10, and from both arms it was 120/70!


I hear these kinds of testimonials every day from our OG folks.


Barbara Kardokus



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