Leadership in Organo Gold

by HealthyCoffeeBarb on March 31, 2011

I am very impressed with the amazing leadership I have found with Organo Gold. Our Diamonds Brett and Michelle Shoemaker are the most caring, humble people I have ever had the privilege to work with in the Networking industry. Even though they have achieved the rank of Diamond and making enough money with a huge group growing exponentially under them, and could be laying on the beach someplace… they both are in the trenches. I had a 3-way last evening with Brett and Josh Peak. Josh is one of the best networkers I have ever known…  He has been in the networking industry for over 10 years, and has experienced first hand the incredible money that this industry can bring. He has not actually been with any particular company for 2 years.  He has served several as a marketing adviser, and has been courted by many.  Organo Gold has caught his eye.

I guess what blew me away is that these diamonds are so accessible to their group and roll up their sleeves and help to mentor for success.  They recognize that we have the best product and the best compensation plan in the networking industry. How smart is is to put healthy into something people are addicted to? They will forget their vitamins… forget their medication… but they never forget that morning cup of coffee!

After just ten weeks in the business, Michelle Shoemaker was able to quit her job and spend full time with her newborn son. “That’s really what money provides… the freedom to do what you want, when you want to do it.” Michelle said.

Michelle came up here to Oklahoma City to help me serve coffee at the OKC Health and Wellness Expo in Edmond, Oklahoma.  When she came in the door, I thought she was the teenage daughter of my friend Jackie Anderson (an Emerald). Instead, she is a 27 year old “Coffee Mogul” She got up and spoke, and told how this opportunity has completely changed her life. You could see by the sincere twinkle in her eye how much this business has done for her family. Michelle rolled up her sleeves and served coffee at the Expo… We were the most popular booth at the expo… Everybody LOVES coffee.

Then there is our VP of Sales Holton Buggs. His strong leadership and mentoring is building one of the strongest teams in network marketing history.

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